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The Rolling Stones / Between The Buttons UK Version 12-inch Vinyl LP 1967
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Between The Buttons Vinyl LP

UK Version
The Rolling Stones

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20 October 2003 By: Abkco

About this product

Between The Buttons contains a few definitive Rolling Stones classics, including US Number Ones "Ruby Tuesday", and "Let's Spend The Night Together", but is something of an anomaly in the Stones oeuvre, being very much a product of its time - the heyday of experimental pop - rather than the blues-based rock that The Rolling Stones were to make their own over the years ahead.

The last of The Stones's albums to be produced by their original manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, Between The Buttons finds The Stones trying something new, often leaning towards more psychedelic vibes and away from their trademark driving rhythms.

While the bittersweet "RubyTuesday", and the rousing stomp of "Let's Spend The Night Together" are undoubted highlights, album tracks like "Yesterday's Papers" and 'Miss Amanda Jones' are also near-classics.

Between The Buttons is a beautifully-crafted album that more than rewards those who give its eclectic sounds time to win them round. A grower not a show-er, as they say.

Did You Know?

The Rolling Stones are named the most successful band of all time in the Guinness Book of Records

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