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Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse / Back To Black Vinyl LP
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Back To Black Vinyl LP

Amy Winehouse

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28 May 2007 By: Island Records

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The pivotal second album by Amy Winehouse - Back to Black is one of the finest examples of contemporary soul and has sold over a million copies worldwide. With audible influence from the 60's sound of The Supremes and the Shangri-Las, the British singer/songwriter's vocals attributed to reviving modern R&B through the context of the genre's classic origins.

Back to Black was co-produced by Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi and this truly rare gem of an album includes classic hits such as "Rehab", "You Know Im No Good", "Tears Dry On Their Own" and title track "Back to Black". The album carries inpired hints of Etta James and often treads on dark and sincere themes, designating the album as a genuinely mature soul record, highlighted by a rhythmic piano, brass sections, tightly comrpessed drums and more prominently, Amy's evocative vocals.

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