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Taio Cruz, Ke$ha / Dirty Picture
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Taio Cruz, Ke$ha
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By: 4th & Broadway
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'Dirty Picture' sees Taio Cruz getting snap-happy with electro-pop's new bad girl Ke$ha and features some dirty electro beats, a sexy house bassline and some seriously flirty lyrics.

This download single version features the rare 'Red Top Extended Version', grime star Wizzy Wow's remix featuring MC Scorcher and a summery acoustic version of 'Break Your Heart'.

Taio Cruz says: "The song is actually about sending sexy pictures to your significant other. If you miss each other and you can't see each other, you're far away from each other, you send pictures to remind each other of how sexy you are."

Ever on the cutting edge, Taio Cruz discovered Ke$ha's unique vocal talents before she released her debut single 'TiK ToK' and the pair's undeniable chemistry makes 'Dirty Picture' one of the hottest collaborations this year.

Track listings


  • 1. Dirty Picture
    Taio Cruz, Ke$ha

  • 2. Dirty Picture (Clean Version)
    Taio Cruz, Ke$ha

  • 3. Dirty Picture (Wizzy Wow Remix)
    Taio Cruz, Ke$ha, Scorcher

  • 4. Dirty Picture (RedTop Extended Remix)
    Taio Cruz, Ke$ha

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