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Duffy / Rockferry Vinyl 12-inch LP
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Rockferry Vinyl LP


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31 March 2008 By: A&M

About this product

A masterclass in mature, resonant soul-pop, Rockferry is the debut from Duffy. The internationally acclaimed 2008 album includes the singles “Mercy”, title-track - "Rockferry", "Syrup and Honey" echoing elements of Elvis' "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You". "Hanging on Too Long" is further example of soulful drama; on par with Amy Winehouse's Back to Black tracklist.

Duffy was born and spent her childhood years in the north Wales coastal community of Nefyn, a place too remote to be driven by style wars or opposing music factions (the nearest record counter was a bus ride away and only stocked the Top 40). The upbringing she describes is one in which everyone had to rub along together, making do and mending, accepting each other and their tastes without prejudice.

Duffy is one of only nine solo female superstars in UK chart history to hold the #1 spot on the singles and album charts simultaneously with ‘Mercy’ and ‘Rockferry’. She was also awarded the Breakthrough Act of the Year at the Q Magazine Awards and Song Of The Year (‘Mercy’) at the Mojo Awards. In 2009, Duffy won an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting, three BRIT Awards and a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album

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