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BOXSET / Dusty Springfield / The Magic of Dusty Springfield Box Set 2011
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The Magic of Dusty Springfield CD & DVD

Dusty Springfield

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No. of pieces: 4
28 November 2011 By: Universal Music

About this product

The Magic Of Dusty Springfield celebrates one of the leading female vocalists of the 20th Century, all put together with loving care and attention by Dusty associates, experts and aficionados.

The 3 jam-packed CDs are split thematically into her hits, rarities and her work for stage and screen, featuring several tracks getting their first ever airing on CD. To complement this, a DVD captures Dusty at her performing best at the BBC.

The Magic Of Dusty Springfield comes in hardback book style packaging complete with an essay by Mojo writer and renowned soul historian Lois Wilson, plus rare photographs.

To complete The Magic Of Dusty Springfield, there is something of true beauty and absolute exclusivity in the form of a ‘stripped-down’ recording of the Dusty classic Goin’ Back and a new vocal mix of The Look Of Love – newly crafted from the precious master tapes at the legendary Abbey Road Studios by producer Tris Penna – which intimately showcase the glory of Dusty’s astonishing voice.

The Magic Of Dusty Springfield is a fitting tribute to one of the world’s greatest vocalists.

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