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Sly & Robbie Present Taxi CD

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30 January 2012 By: Spectrum

About this product

By the dawn of the 1980s, Jamaican music was undergoing a transformation, as a new generation of music producers began changing the sound of Reggae, introducing new techniques and approaches to the art of music making.

Spearheading this sea change during what would become known as the Dancehall era, were two of the island's most respected musicians who had learned their trade performing on countless sessions for the cream of Kingston's producers: Sly Dunbar (drums) and Robbie Shakespeare (bass).

Following the launch of their Taxi imprint in 1979, Jamaica's so-called ‘Riddim Twins’ quickly became established as the island's most innovative and successful producers, issuing a series of hugely popular 45s, spurring Chris Blackwell to promptly sign them to his Island concern.

By way of introducing their music to the world at large, Island issued 'Sly & Robbie Present Taxi' in 1981, with the album swiftly topping the Reggae Album listings.

Now, at long last, this seminal collection, featuring some of Reggae biggest acts of the Dancehall era, is finally made available on CD as part of Spectrum's 'Originals' range.

1. My Woman's Love - Jimmy Riley
2. Smiling Faces Sometimes - The Tamlins
3. Merry Go Round - Junior Delgado
4. Sitting And Watching - Dennis Brown
5. Hot You're Hot - Sly Dunbar
6. Sweet Sugar Plum - The Wailing Souls
7. World Is Africa - Black Uhuru
8. Drunken Master - General Echo
9. Old Broom - The Wailing Souls
10. Oh What A Feeling - Gregory Isaacs
11. Heart Made Of Stone - The Viceroys
12. Fort Augustus - Junior Delgado

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