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Ellie Goulding / Starry Eyed
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Starry Eyed CD

Ellie Goulding
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22 February 2010 By: Polydor

About this product

'Starry Eyed' is the follow-up to Ellie Goulding's first single 'Under The Sheets' which was released in November on indie label Neon Gold. The low key release attracted a huge amount of attention, and led to an early appearance by the young singer- songwriter on Later with Jools Holland. Ellie was recently announced as the recipient of the BRITs Critics Choice Award 2010 which she collected onstage at the BRIT Awards.

'Starry Eyed' was produced by Fin Dow-Smith, aka the electro-don Starsmith, who worked with Ellie on the majority of the songs on her album. The two hooked up originally through MySpace and something between them clicked. “Though I write on guitar, I hear the entire sound of songs in my head,” she says. “And Fin is someone who understands, who can really help me make that sound.” Fin and Ellie have an amazing rapport: he sent her just a few la la la sounds and she was instantly inspired to write 'Starry Eyed'.

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