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UVINYL / Grandaddy / The Sophtware Slump Vinyl LP 2011
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The Sophtware Slump Vinyl

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21 November 2011 By: V2

About this product

Click 'here' for the CD Deluxe Edition.

Originally released in 2000, The Sophtware Slump is now receiving the deluxe vinyl treatment with bonus material selected by Jason Lytle and Jim Fairchild who also provide illuminatingly honest sleeve notes.

The vinyl consists of the original album with its nature vs the computer age theme signposted on the album’s cover art, its title spelt out in broken keyboard letters scattered across a wide mountainous landscape. The album‘s portentous themes and descriptions of the dysfunctions of modern life are brilliantly encapsulated by Jim Fairchild as:

“Written by a guy who was elated by the possibilities he faced in his life and frustrated by how all that possibility was panning out..... and how those thoughts turned in to songs that slightly fictionalised and summarized quite closely, what a bunch of other people were thinking too.”

Despite the vast rate of technological development in the last 11 years, the bittersweet songs of the Sophtware Slump seem as relevant today as they did first time around – except now ‘Broken Household Appliance National Forest’ will have you questioning the existence of your I-Pad 2 instead of your toaster.

“I’m pleased to acknowledge the reissue of the Sophtware Slump. All of this is occurring in honor of the approximate 11 year anniversary of the Sophtware Slump. Even more exciting (in my opinion) is the... rarities, B-sides, and etc. material that came about during the Sophtware Slump period. Yes.....11 years. Much better than 10.” - Jason Lytle

Q Magazine: ★★★★

Uncut: ★★★★

Record Collector: ★★★★

• This LP includes a unique download voucher to redeem a digital MP3 version of The Sophtware Slump Deluxe Edition (instructions included with vinyl).

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