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UVINYL / Department Of Eagles / Archive 2003-2006 Vinyl LP
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Archive 2003-2006 Vinyl LP

Department Of Eagles

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No. of pieces: 1
19 July 2010 By: Bella Union

About this product

For fans of Grizzly Bear, this collection from Daniel Rossenís first band Department Of Eagles is a vivid insight into Rossenís evolution as a songwriter. The tracks, including skeletal foundations of songs represent the experimental essence Rossen and NYU roommate Fred Nicolaus originally intended for the follow-up to their 2003 debut - The Cold Nose.

This compelling collection of session takes is an intrinsic glimpse into the duo's fundamental songwriting techniques. This archive contains familiar segments that Rossen and Nicolaus would utilise for more successful material, consequently demonstrating fine results from prolonged studio time.

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