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David Bowie 2LP Vinyl

David Bowie

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2 August 2010 By: Decca

About this product

Following on from the 2 CD Deluxe Edition of David Bowie's 1967 Deram debut album comes the 2LP vinyl set and the single disc stereo remaster of the original album. The 2LP set will feature both the stereo version and the original mono version of the album (availble on vinyl for the first time since the album's original release) on 180grm vinyl in a gatefold sleeve

David Bowie is one of the leading pioneers of glam-pop culture and is widely regarded as an innovator of the genre. He is particularly known for his work in the 1970s, as well as for his distinctive voice and intellectual depth of his projects. Since first becoming prominent in the public eye in 1969, the singer-songwriter has left a memorable imprint on popular culture by continually innovating, reinventing and appearing with striking visual presentations, much to the adoration of his enormous fanbase.

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