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Those Were The Days Box Set

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No. of pieces: 4
2 June 2008 By: Universal Music

About this product

The power trio of guitarist Eric Clapton, bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker were visionary with their distinctive sound, a unique collision of blues, jazz, folk and psychedelic rock, that not only defined the bandís identity but captured the thrilling heady atmosphere of the late 1960s and set the ground work for rock bands that followed in the 1970s.

This specially repackaged box set consists of four-discs of 63-tracks that divide Cream's short but immensely influential career into two halves. The first two discs feature every studio track the group ever released, plus a handful of unreleased tracks, alternate takes and rarities. The other two discs are devoted to restored live material, which bring to life some of Creamís finest eclectic moments in concert such as Live At Winterland in San Francisco 1968.

This remarkably comprehensive collection comes complete with an extensive booklet, rare photographs and digitally re-mastered recordings.

A must have collections edition which will fully delight fans old and new.

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