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UVINYL / Snow Patrol / Eyes Open Vinyl 2LP
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Eyes Open 2LP Vinyl

Snow Patrol

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No. of pieces: 2
28 April 2006 By: Fiction

About this product

The eagerly-awaited Eyes Open marked Snow Patrolís fourth album release, and their biggest hit to date. Packed full of anthemic tracks like "Chasing Cars", "Youíre All I Have" and "Open Your Eyes", it became the best- selling UK album of 2006 as well as a huge hit across the pond.

After Eyes Open received rave reviews on this side of the Atlantic, the inclusion of "Chasing Cars" on the season finale of medical drama Greyís Anatomy finally brought Snow Patrol to a wider, and enthusiastic, American audience. Signalling the bandís evolution into international superstars, the album went platinum in countries right across the globe, including the States, and sold more than 2 million copies in the UK alone.

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