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UVINYL / Florence + The Machine / Shake It Out 12" White Vinyl 2012
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Shake It Out Vinyl

Florence + The Machine


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23 July 2012 By: Island Records

About this product

The Vinyl Factory and Island Records are proud to present a luxurious limited edition of Florence + the Machine's acclaimed new single, Shake it Out, the song's only physical release. This is the first in a series of limited edition vinyl releases from Florence + the Machine with The Vinyl Factory. Each cover will showcase the creative collaboration between Florence Welch and Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, who personally chose her as his muse for next season?s collection and for whom she performed at Paris Fashion Week in September 2011. Lagerfeld is feted as a photographer as well as a designer, and has produced a stunning set of images, which illustrate Welch's stratospheric ascent to global star and darling of the fashion world. The shoot, in Paris, was also art directed by Lagerfeld. Each cover has been screen-printed, silver foiled and hand numbered on pristine white card and features a unique series of photographic portraits personally taken by the fashion legend. Each sleeve houses a heavyweight 180-gram white vinyl contained in a silver inner bag. The record itself is the only physical release of Shake It Out, and includes the much sought after remix by the hugely hyped Canadian producer The Weeknd.

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