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UVINYL / Cat Stevens / Mona Bone Jakon Vinyl LP
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Mona Bone Jakon Vinyl LP

Cat Stevens

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6 September 2010 By: Island Records

About this product

According to Beat Instrumental magazine upon the album?s initial release, ?he?s still only 21, but Cat Stevens has returned to the music scene and given himself a new lease of life?. Originally issued on A&M in July 1970, singer-songwriter Cat Stevens? third album was a folky, more introspective move away from the poppy two records he?d released previously, in 1967.

The direct precursor to his major breakthrough Tea For The Tillerman (also released in 1970), the album features a brief cameo on 'Katmandu' from Genesis's Peter Gabriel on flute. Opening with the single ?Lady D'Arbanville?, dedicated to his then girlfriend, the album?s ?I Think I See The Light?, ?Trouble? and ?I Wish, I Wish? were also featured prominently on the soundtrack to the 1971 cult movie Harold And Maude.

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