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Jamie Woon

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Jamie Woon / Mirrorwriting 2LP Box Set
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Mirrorwriting Vinyl Box Set

Jamie Woon

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14 April 2011 By: Polydor

About this product

Debut album from the UK singer songwriter. Our limited vinyl boxset features the following.

  • Deluxe 12" sized box
  • Double Heavyweight Vinyl
  • Exclusive digipack CD of rare and unreleased tracks
  • Numbered limited print of Jamie
  • Jamie Woon's debut album Mirrorwriting has been three years in the making… and a lifetime in the writing. These are twelve pitch-perfect gems that combine forward-thinking production with beautifully crafted songs; a sonic support-system that frames and holds Woon's luminous voice in all the right places. It's intimate without being obvious, emotional without being syrupy and honest without being confessional, where the basic touchstones of human emotion get a fresh and soulful airing.

    Woon was sharing a house with fellow musicians Portico Quartet in Clapton, East London working on his MacBook and doing endless takes of each song, recording vocals at The Way studio in Hackney, and 2 months in a cottage in Trevone, Cornwall, where he recorded clicks and taps on the wicker furniture, and recorded the sounds of stones from the nearby stream to turn into snare drums. He admits to doing hundreds of takes in order to get exactly the right combination of mystery and technical polish. By the end he was down to 'only' six or seven takes. He might be a perfectionist, but he's also unpredictable: the night before mastering the record he reprised an old song, Blue Truth, which he released as a free download 2 days later.

    Mirrorwriting is a debut that's ripe for that transition from niche to mainstream. It's a deeply personal record that draws from R'nB, folk, '80s and '90s soul and pop, UK bass culture and the blues. It digs into emotions we all feel and sends them spinning, just-recognisable, back to us. "It's personal, almost therapeutic. I'm quite a private person and I don't set out to talk about my business in public but when songs are done you can't get around it. They are like a code, and all you need is a mirror to read it."

    Tracklisting :
    1. Croon
    2. Spirits (YouTube Cut)
    3. Blue Truth
    4. TMRW (HW Squeak Time Mix)
    5. Slowburning
    6. Craptattoo
    7. Spiriral (Live At Royal Opera House)
    8. Missing Person (Live At Royal Opera House)
    9. Shoulda (Live At One Taste West)
    10. Dust

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