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Texas / Greatest Hits CD Album
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Greatest Hits CD

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25 August 2003 By: Mercury

About this product

Texas' Greatest Hits first saw the light of day back in 2000, yet even then the band had enough top-notch material to cram this collection with 18 brilliantly catchy, instantly recognisable hits taken from their mega- selling albums, White On Blonde and The Hush, as well as their three earlier offerings.

From the rocky raw power of debut hit, 'I Don't Want a Lover', to the positive beats of 'Black Eyed Boy', the chiming 'In Our Lifetime' and the heartbreaking 'Say What You Want', you'll find all the band's best-loved hits here, spanning early offerings like Southside, Mothers Heaven, and Ricks Road, as well as their later chart toppers, White On Blonde and The Hush.

What's more, this album also brought new material to the table so this is the only place you'll find the band's ninth and tenth Top Ten singles, 'In Demand' and 'Inner Smile'.

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