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Texas / The Hush CD Album
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The Hush CD

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24 December 2001 By: Mercury

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Texas' fifth studio album, The Hush, was released in 1999 and went on to repeat the chart-topping success of its predecessor, White On Blonde.

A continuation of the band's experimentation with dance-led beats and a more commercial polish, the album produced three of the band's best-loved singles, 'In Our Lifetime', 'Summer Son' and 'When We Are Together'.

Having hit a winning streak with White On Blonde, The Hush saw the band continuing to explore new musical sounds with tracks like the electropoppy 'Zero Zero', the oriental 'In Our Lifetime', and the old-school Motown-tinged vibe of tracks like 'When We Are Together'.

But despite any change in musical direction, Sharleen insists that the album is just another part of the band's ongoing evolution:

"That's the music that's getting played on the radio and the music we hear when we're out, so those kind of rhythms are gonna be very much part of our life and they're gonna come out in our music."

"I see The Hush as being our fifth album, not our second. It's one career for me, not two. People talk about the comeback of Texas, but we didn't go anywhere, it's just people didn't pay us any attention back then!"

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