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30 May 2005 By: Mercury

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A follow up to the seminal Achtung Baby would never be an easy task but Zooropa exceeded expectations and delved even deeper into the experimental side of rock, incorporating sampling, disco beats and electronica.

Absolute standout tracks include 'Numb' with vocals by Edge, 'The Wanderer' featuring guest legend Johnny Cash and that slinky, sexy slice of dancefloor filler 'Lemon'.

On Zooropa U2 cemented their reputation as the most innovative and unpredictable of mega-groups, a highly entertaining and engrossing album.

Taking a break from the massive worldwide Zoo TV tour, U2 recorded Zooropa back in their native Dublin, again under the watchful eye of producer Brian Eno.

If Achtung Baby reinvented U2 as daring practitioners of new and exciting musical forms then Zooropa took the transition a step further, with heavier use of electronic sounds, processed instruments and multi-layered production techniques.

On opener Zooropa the tone is set as Bono describes the complexities of modern Europe. The message is optimistic for a bright European future where culture, politics, consumerism and social justice are a unified whole.

U2 have their finger on the pulse and are very much part of the zeitgeist, which for a rock band of their stature, popularity and longevity, is a massive achievement.

This is not the U2 of War and The Joshua Tree, but a different beast altogether - vibrant, forward thinking, intelligent and vital, a band constantly evolving and extending the borders of rock music.

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