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UVINYL / Elton vs Pnau / Good Morning To The Night 12" Vinyl LP 2012
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Good Morning To The Night Vinyl

Elton John vs Pnau

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11 July 2012 By: Mercury

About this product

You may know Pnau from their breakthrough side-project ‘Empire Of The Sun’; Elton John signed the pair after listening to their record, and now with his blessing, a selection of Elton’s old masters has been re-imagined into an album featuring their recreations of his classic hits between 1970 and 1976.

Elton himself is a huge fan of Pnau’s work and gave his blessing as well as access to his original works from that era to allow them to create this revolutionary new collection of compositions.

The LP is presented in a single gatefold sleeve and includes a free MP3 version of the album. All you have to do is enter the unique code which is included in the package to download the same album to your mp3 player.

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