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Various Artists / Treasure Isle Presents: Ska
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Treasure Isle Presents: Ska CD

Various Artists
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No. of pieces: 2
2 April 2012 By: Spectrum

About this product

After cutting a series of best-selling Mento and Jamaican R&B discs, Duke Reid continued his run of success during the first half of the sixties with innumerable Ska hits, performed by some of the island’s biggest talents.

Not least among these was the most celebrated musical conglomeration in Jamaica’s history: the Skatalites. Comprising featuring the cream of the island’s session men, the core of this super-group played on almost every disc to see issue on Reid’s many labels throughout the Ska years, either as featured acts or backing many of the most popular performers of the period.

This thoughtfully and loving compiled 2CD set brings together 40 massive hits from the early to mid-sixties, and by so doing not only illustrates the huge influence Duke Reid had on Jamaica’s music industry at the time, but also provides the greatest ever collection of his Ska works on one package.



01. Rough And Tough – Stranger Cole with Duke Reid’s Band
02. Watermelon Man – The Baba Brooks Orchestra
03. Strongman Sampson – Eric Morris & The Baba Brooks Band
04. River Bank (aka Bank To Bank) Part 1 – Baba Brooks & His Band
05. Uno Dos Tres (aka Eunodus) – Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe with The Baba Brooks Band
06. Solomon Gundie – Eric Morris & The Baba Brooks Band
07. Eastern Standard Time – Don Drummond & The Skatalites
08. How Many Times – Owen & Leon Silveras with Roland Alphonso
09. Musical Storeroom – Roland Alphonso & Frank Anderson
10. Penny Reel O – Eric Morris & Reid’s Selected Group
11. Carry Go Bring Come – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes with Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
12. Silver Dollar – Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
13. The Fits Is On Me – Owen & Leon Silveras with Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
14. Down Town Gal – Joe White with Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
15. Corner Stone – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes with Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
16. Street Corner – Don Drummond & The Skatalites
17. Low Minded People – Joe White & Chuck Berry with Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
18. Doctor Dekker – Baba Brooks & Don Drummond
19. Vacation – The Melodites & The Skatalites
20. Latin Goes Ska – The Skatalites


01. Really Now – Gloria & Dreamlets with Baba Brooks & His Band
02. I Wish I Were An Apple – Derrick Morgan & Naomi Campbell with The Baba Brooks Band
03. Run Joe – Stranger Cole & The Baba Brooks Band
04. Occupation – The Skatalites featuring Don Drummond
05. Telling Lies – The Techniques & The Baba Brooks Band
06. Independence Ska – The Baba Brooks Band
07. Rub Up Push Up – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes & The Baba Brooks Band
08. Guns Fever – The Baba Brooks Band
09. I Am In Love – The Techniques & The Baba Brooks Band
10. Girls Town Ska – The Baba Brooks Band
11. Renegade – The Zodiacs & The Baba Brooks Band
12. Nuclear Weapon – Roland Alphonso & The Baba Brooks Band
13. University Goes Ska – Don Drummond & The Baba Brooks Band
14. Don’t Call Me Daddy – Derrick Morgan & The Baba Brooks Band
15. Vitamin A – The Baba Brooks Band
16. Dance Crasher – Alton Ellis & Flames
17. Lucky Seven – Don Drummond & The Tommy McCook Band
18. Teenage Ska – The Baba Brooks Band
19. Don’t Trouble People – Alton Ellis & The Flames & The Baba Brooks Band
20. True Confession – The Silvertones with Tommy McCook & the Supersonics

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