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007: The Best Of Desmond Dekker CD

Desmond Dekker
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No. of pieces: 2
31 October 2011 By: Trojan Budget

About this product

Long before Bob Marley was proclaimed the King of Reggae, there was Desmond Dekker. Between 1967 and 1970, Desmond notched up a series of major hit singles that introduced Jamaican music to a global audience and by so doing also established him as Jamaica’s first international superstar.

Disc one of this collection features all of Desmond’s best-known tracks from the sixties and seventies, including the UK chart hits, ‘0.0.7’, ‘Israelites’ and ‘It Mek’, ‘Pickney Gal’, ‘You Can Get It If You Really Want’ and ‘Sing A Little Song’. The second disc focuses on his rarer work, with 10 of the tracks seeing issue for the first time, and another 3 making their debut on CD.

With almost all the material mastered from the long-lost original Jamaican analogue tapes, the sound quality surpasses all previous collections of the singer’s work and finally does justice to the music of one of the true greats of Reggae music.

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