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Small Axe CD

Bob Marley & The Wailers
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20 September 2010 By: Trojan

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After becoming a major force on the Jamaican music scene in the early sixties, the Wailers experienced a hit-free period that finally came to a spectacular end in 1970 when the trio of Marley, Tosh and Livingston began collaborating with the enigmatic Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Over the next two years, the union spawned a series of sublime sides that are still widely regarded as Reggae classics.

Small Axe highlights all of the group's recordings with the producer that saw issue in the UK during the early seventies, including original versions of numerous songs that would later be re-cut for Island Records, instrumental versions and incidental works, of which 'All Over' makes its CD debut. This is the music that made the Legend!

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