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Razorlight / Slipway Fires
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Slipway Fires CD

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3 November 2008 By: Vertigo

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Slipway Fires is Razorlights' third album and the last that they were to record with long-term drummer and songwriter, Andy Burrows, who subsequently quit the band. Released in November 2008, it reveals a band continuing to evolve with each album, showcasing a newly-epic vibe with the singles 'Wire To Wire' and 'Hostage Of Love'.

Fuelled by an escape from the London life that inspired their debut, Up All Night, Slipway Fires was written in part on the remote Hebridean island of Tiree. Johnny Borrell recalls how the change of scene inspired the album:

"I knew I had to write an album and I knew I needed to be somewhere not quiet but completely remote. I needed the opposite of the life I was in. My mate had a friend with a cottage in Tiree. I called him and a few days later was on a blind journey, travelling on a ferry towards this Hebridean isolation. There were no telephones, no nothing, just this flat green island, me and a big beach. It seemed right. You need peace and quiet to process all the things that happen to you. I didn't have rock-star fits because I couldn't get room service. I loved it."

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