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Razorlight CD

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17 July 2006 By: Mercury

About this product

Razorlight's eponymous second album achieved the near impossible on its release in 2006, eschewing the 'tricky second album' tag by outshining its predecessor, the band's debut, Up All Night. Slamming straight into the UK Charts at the top spot, it went on to launch some of the band's best-loved singles, including 'In The Morning' and the band's first Number One single, 'America'.

Serving up just ten tracks and lasting just over half an hour, Razorlight is the punchy creation of a band striving to deliver a perfectly crafted offering. As Johnny Borrell puts it, "We were determined to make the second album a billion times better than the first. We're interested in having a career. There are two different ways of doing it. Sometimes a band will explode with their first album that's just so perfect in time and the rest of their career, they're just fading away."

"Then there's the band that's great through the course of a number of records. Coming to America and touring in 2004 and 2005 made us better songwriters. As a European, you're not prepared for the scale of America. I just thought to myself, 'If I'm going to write a song, I better make every word count. If I'm going to make an album, I better make every beat count.' That's the difference with this record."

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