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Razorlight / Up All Night
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Up All Night CD

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5 September 2005 By: Vertigo

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Razorlight's debut album Up All Night generated the kind of rave reviews and multi-platinum-selling success that most bands only ever dream of. An electrifying slab of punk-pop, bursting with the sheer energy of its guitar riffs, staccato beats and Johnny Borell's vocals, this version is the repackaged offering from 2005 which includes the addition of the classic single, 'Somewhere Else'.

Packed with tales of louche London life, Up All Night proved that Razorlight could more than live up to the hype surrounding them. Their debut album, it racked up a Number Three hit upon its initial release in 2004, with a repackaged version scoring an even-more impressive Number Two the following year.

You'll find no fewer than five singles jostling for attention here: the spiky 'Rock 'N' Roll Lies', the catchy anthem 'Golden Touch', 'Rip It Up''s rapid-fire guitar bursts, the frenetic rhythms of 'Stumble And Fall' and the raw power of 'Vice'.

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