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Super Eight CD

George Faith

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26 March 2012 By: Spectrum

About this product

By 1976, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry was beginning to fulfill his immense potential as a music maker, producing a flow of sublime Reggae masterpieces from his famed Black Ark studio, situated behind his house in Washington Gardens, Kingston, Ja.

One of those to directly benefit from his immense talent was Earl George Lawrence, a gifted singer who after making his recording debut some six years before had cut a number of worthy 45s under a number of aliases. Renamed by Perry as George Faith, his sessions with the producer resulted in a series of sublime 45s, which were soon collected on his debut album, ‘Super Eight’.

Subsequently repackaged by Island Records as ‘To Be A Lover’, this beautifully crafted LP duly topped the local music charts before becoming widely acclaimed as one of the finest Reggae collections to have ever seen issue.

Only previously available on CD in limited numbers on a long since deleted US issue, this essential album is finally made available once more - and at a price within reach of those with the very tightest of spending budgets.

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