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Trojan Records / Various Artists / Trojan Lucky Sevens Box Set
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Trojan Lucky Sevens Box Set Vinyl

Various Artists

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No. of pieces: 7
14 November 2011 By: Trojan

About this product

In recent years, numerous Trojan releases from the late sixties and early seventies have become hugely sought-after items, their extreme scarcity putting them out of reach of even those prepared to pay three figure sums for their acquisition. As a result, most fans have been denied the opportunity to acquire or hear vinyl pressings of these rare gems.

The Trojan Lucky Sevens box set begins to remedy that, comprising faithful reproductions of seven of the most collectable Rock Steady and Boss Reggae 7” singles ever issued by the company.

This limited edition, individually numbered luxury collection also contains an insert detailing information on each of the discs featured, while each record is housed in a replica of the Trojan house-bag favoured by the company throughout the relevant era.

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