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Boss Shots / Jimmy Cliff / Harder Road To Travel: The Collection CD
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Harder Road To Travel: The Collection CD

Jimmy Cliff
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No. of pieces: 2
20 September 2010 By: Spectrum

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The Jamaican-born Grammy winning singer-songwriter-come-actor embarked on his music career half a century ago, making his international breakthrough in the late-sixties with a number of groundbreaking singles, including the major UK chart hits, 'Wonderful World', 'Beautiful People', 'Vietnam' and 'Wild World'. These seminal recordings, plus the cream of his Island and Trojan output is featured on this 2CD set, which celebrates his 50 years in the music business.

Many of the featured tracks make their CD debut, their number including some superb late sixties numbers, a soulful rendering of 'The Harder They Come' and the previously unissued 'A Little Bit Of Soap' from a 1970 session. The net result is the most comprehensive and essential collection ever of the popular performer's early – and arguably finest – recordings.

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