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Jay-Z / Blueprint 2.1
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Blueprint 2.1 CD

Special Edition
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7 April 2003 By: Def Jam Recordings

About this product

Jay-Z released The Blueprint 2.1 in 2003, compressing the finest moments of his double album, The Blueprint˝: The Gift & the Curse, onto a single disc. This UK Special Edition features an exclusive remix of several bonus tracks, including Jay-Z's mash-up of Punjabi MC's 'Beware of the Boys', and two new cuts, 'Stop' and 'Excuse Me Miss Again'.

As well as the unique bonus tracks, the UK Special Edition also contains an exclusive 'U Don't Know' remix, while favourites from the original double album also feature strongly. Jay-Z's posthumous conversation with Biggie Smalls, 'A Dream', kicks things off, singles 'Excuse Me Miss' and the Beyonce duet, '03' Bonnie & Clyde', follow, as do the guitar-heavy wig-out of 'Guns & Roses' featuring Lenny Kravitz and 'The Bounce' with Kanye West.

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