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Metallica Ride The Lightning Vinyl

Double LP
Ride The Lightning, Metallica's follow-up to Kill 'Em All, was a more polished, monumental affair than its predecessor. While the rapid-fire rhythms and James Hetfield's trademark shriek remained, the band had added much more complexity to their song- writing, creating a true metal classic in the process. This special two-LP set features this classic remastered at half speed for superb quality.

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UVINYL / Metallica / Ride The Lightning 2LP Vinyl

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  • Faster than lightning and louder than war, thrash was the mutant lovechild of metal's fist-in-the-air bravado and punk rock fury, and for a generation of 80s dropouts it was the ear-splitting antidote to the high-gloss sheen of pop, cold war hysteria, and the decade of greed. Thrashback is a 21-gun salute to a sound and a scene that, 30 years later, is still as heavy as it gets


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