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UVINYL / Black Sabbath / Never Say Die! Vinyl LP
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Never Say Die! Vinyl LP

Black Sabbath

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25 September 2009 By: Noise Records

About this product

Never Say Die is a departure from the norm for the giants of sludge rock, Black Sabbath. Taking a step away from pure aggressive distortion and moving towards an experimentation with new styles and musical flavours, this proves Sabbath are no one trick pony.

This edition sees all the original tracks remastered on the true collectors favourite, the vinyl LP format.

With Never Say Die, Black Sabbath come into their own as a group and stretch out.

With crisp, clean sounding production, Sabbath crank up the speed and lay down the usual bonecrushingly heavy riffs that have predominated earlier efforts but this time they also experiment with ballads, synthesizer and piano.

The blues influence is more prominent but still cloaked in that inimitable dark robe of sound that has come to characterise their albums.

There is a more polished groovy style played out on 'A Hard Road', the title track is a feelgood rock'n'roll affair, all rollicking bar room riffs and party atmosphere, 'Johnny Blade' opens with the more textured synthesized sounds that have become more commonplace on the Sabbath output of the last few years, 'Shock Wave' returns us briefly to the heavy rock camp and 'Air Dance' is the most experimental song in their entire canon: a rock ballad with layers of sensitive guitar and piano flourishes.

Never Say Die is a musical treat and a real surprise find within the Sabbath catalogue.


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