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Box Set/ Joan Baez / The Complete A&M Recordings
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The Complete A&M Recordings Box Set

Joan Baez

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No. of pieces: 4
29 September 2003 By: A&M

About this product

It is hard to imagine that about 40 years have passed since Joan Baez made her recording debut on Vanguard records. And almost 30 years have gone by since Baez first arrived at A & M records in Hollywood to begin a new chapter in her recording career which would yield five studio albums (plus one live) and introduce the artist as one of the more powerful original women songwriters recording her own works along with those of Jackson Browne, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Hoyt Axton and Stevie Wonder.

Baez's tenure with A&M lasted from 1972-1976 and yielded five studio albums, a live recording, and three non-album singles. All of them are included here on four CDs with gorgeously remastered sound, a deluxe package with exhaustive, insightful, and unflinching liner notes by Arthur Levy, and a package that should win a Grammy for design and presentation if nothing else.

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