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Black Sabbath

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Deluxe Edition / Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath CD Album 2009
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Black Sabbath CD

Deluxe Edition
Black Sabbath

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29 June 2009 By: Noise Records

About this product

This is the debut, the definitive Black Sabbath record.

It is hard to put into words the significance of this album as its influence extends further than any comparable release.

This deluxe edition features a second disc with instrumentals of 'Black Sabbath', alternative mixes of 'Sleeping Village' and 'N.I.B' as well as a 'jocular banter' version of 'The Wizard'.

The foreboding Gothic overtones of the opening track introduce thunder as we hear front man Ozzy Osbourne's chilling howl partnered with ghoulish church bells that set the scene for this awesome rock effort.

On 'N.I.B' we hear the drilling riff that packs an immediate punch. On the blues heavy riffing of 'The Wizard' the crazy harmonica almost apes the excessive styling of Led Zeppelin while the intricate chords of 'Wicked World' enchant and mystify.

As a debut album, Black Sabbath gives us a feeling that great things are to come from this band who only a short time ago were working in industrial Birmingham and living in poverty.

'Behind the wall of Sleep' is an epic journey into the dark sound of a band achieving legendary status.

The blues ethic is present here but presented in a grinding riff-based rock fashion that envelopes the listener.

Black Sabbath is a tumultuous testament to a band that changed the world with its music - the essential record for an essential band.


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