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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones / Dirty Work CD Album 2009 Re-Master
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Dirty Work CD

2009 re-mastered version
The Rolling Stones

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13 July 2009 By: Polydor

About this product

The 2009 remastered version of the Rolling Stones' Dirty Work completely refreshes the sonically-difficult mid-'80s production. Its initial release in 1986 saw the band back in rock mode after several dance dalliances, three years apart, one solo album from Mick Jagger and a move to a new record label.

Produced by rock producer par excellence Steve Lillywhite, then famed for his work with Peter Gabriel and U2, the Stones' Dirty Work was recorded in 1985 and designed to put the rock back into their work with their hit cover of 'Harlem Shuffle' and standout offerings like 'One Hit (To The Body)' and 'Sleep Tonight'.

Guest stars are A-list and include Tom Waits, Pattie Scialfi, Bobby Womack and Jimmy Page. Despite an initial lukewarm reception, the album has woven its magic over the years and has been re-evaluated as honest, challenging and committed.

Did You Know?

The Rolling Stones are named the most successful band of all time in the Guinness Book of Records

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