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Paul Weller

Paul Weller

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Paul Weller Sonik Kicks CD


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Paul Weller / Sonik Kicks CD Album

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  • It's been thirty years since Paul Weller first exploded onto the music scene, suited and booted and armed with statement tunes in The Jam. Blending the best of British with his love of Motown, Weller crafted a new landscape in the UK music scene thanks to an impressive portfolio of work including four live albums, four compilations, two EPs, 38 singles and ten studio albums - with Stanley Road, Illumination, and 22 Dreams all hitting Number One.

    The spokesman for the past three generations, his influence is unparalleled - without him Britpop and Cool Britannia certainly wouldn't have happened.

  • Why do people get off on nostalgia? For me, if you're a good musician and a decent artist, then you should want to go forward not backward.

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