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Jamiroquai Unisex Tracksuit Top Hooded Sweatshirt

Jamiroquai unisex tracksuit top with 100% cotton inner fleece.
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Jamiroquai / Unisex Tracksuit Top 2010

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  • After he turned 40 with a brand new record deal at Mercury records, Jay Kay is definitely all about keeping it straightforward: "I'm a real sucker for going 'oh it's not very deep, that lyric'," admits the man with a long term interest in ecology, religion, space and futurology, "But hold on a minute – some of the best songs in history are simple. Listen to some more Stevie Wonder – 'all in love is fair, two people play the game…' It's not brain-wrenching stuff! But it is heart-wrenching stuff. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're singing, 'the cow sat on the top of the hill'. If you deliver it right, it works. Golden rule!"

  • If it doesn't sound good with just a keyboard and a voice or a guitar and a voice, drop it.
    Jay Kay

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